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Can you name the TV Show given a policeman or federal agent from it?

Quiz Updated Oct 3, 2014

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Law EnforcerTV Show
Detective Andy Sipowicz
Detective Meldrick Lewis
Chief Wayne Unser
Lieutenant Horatio Caine
Officer Maurice Boscorelli
Inspector Joe Dominguez
Det. Stanley 'Wojo' Wojciehowicz
Officer Francis 'Ponch' Poncherello
Chief Clancy Wiggum
Sheriff Andy Taylor
Chief Jack Mannion
Agent Teresa Lisbon
James Trivette
Agent Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner
Detective Danny Reagan
Lieutenant Jim Dangle
Detective Elliot Stabler
Captain Jim Brass
Captain Francis 'Frank' Furillo
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie
Law EnforcerTV Show
Detective Ricardo Tubbs
Joe Swanson
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo
Detective Debra Morgan
Officer John Cooper
Detective Victor 'Vic' Mackey
Captain Leland Stottlemeyer
Sergeant Joe Friday
Detective Lennie Briscoe
Detective Danny Messer
Dwight Hendricks
Agent Don Eppes
Marshal Marshall Mann
Kenneth Hutchinson
Danny 'Danno' Williams
Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson
Special Agent Seeley Booth
Head Detective Carlton Lassiter
Detective Robert Goren
Detective Jimmy McNulty

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