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Can you determine whether the lyric fragment is from a Jay-Z or a Beyonce song?

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Lyric Fragment(J)ay-Z or (B)eyonce?Song Title
You decided to dip but now you wanna trip
I can make it anywhere
What goes around comes back around
Look, it's out of my hands
And keep talking that mess, that's fine
Feeling like an animal with all these cameras all in my grill
I'm from the school of the hard knocks
Bright lights is enticing
Lyric Fragment(J)ay-Z or (B)eyonce?Song Title
Whether black or white we both like Mike
I remind you I'm so hood with this
Gravity can't forget to pull me back to the ground again
I can hear the wind whipping past my face
And I don't want no substitute
If you grew up with holes in your zapatos
I made something doin what I do through and through

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