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Can you name the things that end in 'E' in these categories?

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Pope Names
NATO Phonetic Alphabet Words
Asian Countries
SNL Cast Member Surnames
Bible Books
6 'Friends' First Names
Beatles Albums
Songs on Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'
Winnie-the-Pooh Characters
Disney Princesses
NHL Team Nicknames
Original 151 Pokémon
US President Surnames
Greek Olympian Gods
Months of the Year
European Capitals
US State Capitals
South American Countries
Official Languages of Europe
Shakespeare Plays
Sporcle Quiz Categories
Tony Winning Musicals
James Bond Movies
Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
North American Countries
Harry Potter Top 200 Surnames
Ivy League Schools
US States
3-Letter Body Parts
Deadly Sins
Clue(do) Rooms
Children of Marge and Homer Simpson
Poker Hands
Rice Krispie Mascots
African Countries
Planets of the Solar System
Colors of the Rainbow
Disney Movies
Best Picture Winners
Dickens Novels

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