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Can you tell which number corresponds to each of these meanings according to the traditional Italian Smorfia?*

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MeaningNumberItalian and Neapolitan translation
The guards or the eve
The lice
The little girl
The Virgin Mary
The eel
The cooked soup
The building
The fountain
The idiot
The killed man
The fall
The breasts
The head
The old man
Christ's age
The thrashing
The woman at the balcony (meddler)
The hospital
The piece of **** (cruel person)
The bride
The caciocavallos
The butt
The church
The drunken man
The little mice
The garden
The good wine
The madman
The hand
The coffee
MeaningNumberItalian and Neapolitan translation
The gift
The money
The astonishment
The meat
The little Anna
The music
The lieutenant's balls
The workshop
The little bird
St. Anthony of Padua
The knife
The fear
The naked woman
The laid table
The dead
The soul in Purgatory
The hat
The cave
The chamber pot
The progeny
The monk
The disgrace
The one that looks down (female sex organ)
The blood
The hairs
The beans
The squid inside the guitar (sex act)
The castanets
The old woman
MeaningNumberItalian and Neapolitan translation
The boredom
The soldier
The devils or the women's legs
The tailcoat
The mouth
The two spinsters
The crying
The talking dead
The slipknot
The children's father (male sex organ)
The hunter
The groan
The bread
The mum
The female cat
The good-looking girl (prostitute)
The flowers
Upside down
The laughter
The pot
The landlord
The hunchback
The thief
The jail
The pig
The bad weather
The boy
The party

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