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Can you name the previous 5 words of these Enema of the State songs?

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LinePrevious 5 wordsSong and initials
Another guy, you think he'd wanna fight meDumpweed (YTIBU)
I said 'don't let your future be destroyed by my past'Don't leave me (IJBHD)
And I know it must be lateAliens exist (ATSVW)
I'd ditch my lecture to watch the girls play soccerGoing away to college (IALAA)
This state looks down on sodomyWhat's my age again? (AYHIJ)
So all you little ladies, be sure to choose the right guyDysentery Gary (GASAD)
Tomorrow holds such better daysAdam's song (INCRC)
My little windmillAll the small things (TNWGO)
And you'll discover this girl's not the oneThe party song (SWBWU)
They go out every night, his pants are super tight, oh yeahMutt (SIRTB)
Why do I want what I can't get?Wendy Clear (IISIR)
I'll pack my bags, I swear I'll runAnthem (NNTEB)

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