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How many time zones are spanned by Russia?
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
Which is the southern most capital city?
What is the name of Mars' smaller moon?
What is the first word of the text of the US Constitution?
What is the two letter postal abbreviation for the state of Maine?
What chain did Ray Kroc build?
Who was the first American in space?
What is the oldest known vegetable?
What Winter Olympic sport event requires players to slide stones at houses?
What year was the movie 'Titanic' released?
What is the actual name of the giant human figures of Easter Island?
What did Rumpelstiltskin spin into gold?
What name is usually given to bananas cultivated for cooking?
In what State is it illegal to smoke from a pipe after sunset?
Who is the Greek goddess of snow?
Which minister official did Ron Weasley impersonate in the Harry Potter series?
Who wrote the novel 'The Scarlet Letter'?
There are 4 balls in a Quidditch game. 2 bludgers, the golden snitch, and the what?
What year was google invented?
What sense is most closely linked to memory?
What woman was arrested for voting in the 1872 election for U.S. president?
What does ZIP stand for in Zip Code?
What is the US state dance of Alabama?
What is the 87th element of the Periodic Table of the Elements?
What is the name of Earth's Supercontinent?
What is the currency of the country Albania?
What is the world's largest skyscraper at a height of 2,722 feet (830 m)?
What is the largest city in the US state of Montana?
What city is the Apple headquarters in?

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