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Can you name the Atari 2600 Games A-Z by description?

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Description of game
Had a hidden room which displayed the programmers name
Hitting blocks with ball
Tanks and planes
Activision racing game
Lame movie game
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Sears Telegames version of 'Outlaw'
You control a pair of eyeballs and walk through dark rooms
Foreign football
'Don't Stop Believin''... a band based game
Use your bucket to defeat the Mad Bomber
Activision space shooting game '_____ Blast'
You control a lunar rover
Description of game
Cruisin' in the dark
You do battle against the big bad wolf
Dentist's training game
Jumping around a pyramid
Sears Telegames version of Indy 500
Fighting underwater with a submarine
Up for a game of pool?
Fairly unknown Sega version of 'Bump n Jump'
Your space ship can shoot in four different directions
Contained characters such as 'Thorwor' , 'Garwor', and 'Worluk'
Fairly unknown alien extermination game
You control an alien-type fly
Sega's '3-D' fighter craft shooter

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