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Can you name the these green things?

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ClueGreen Stuff
'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' group
Captain Kangaroo's Friend
Character actor in Maltese Falcon, etc.
A dollar
Song around since the 1500's
An NFL team that packs a whallop
A legume
DC comics superhero
Ticket to work in the states
What you have to pay to play
This veggie rings in with twice the vitamin C of oranges
ClueGreen Stuff
Childrens story set on Prince Edward Island
Film set in Wales that won the 1941 Best Picture Oscar
An enviromental NGO founded in 1971
An elite US military unit
Appearing jealous
Turning over an environmental leaf
A 37' 2' high baseball wall
Folksong beginning 'I'll sing you one...'
A place for runaway weddings
The Steelers greatest defensive linesman

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