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Can you name the Rulers of the World in 1900?

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CountryRulerLeader's Title(s)
German EmpireGerman Emperor
LuxembourgGrand Prince of Luxembourg
ItalyKing of Italy
RomaniaKing of the Romanians
MoroccoSultan of Morocco
BohemiaKing of Bohemia
SaxonyKing of Saxony
BelgiumKing of the Belgians
AustriaEmperor of Austria
HungaryApostolic King of Hungary
United StatesPresident of the United States
Russian EmpireEmperor of Russia
Ottoman EmpireSultan of the Ottoman Empire
AndorraFrench Co-Prince of Andorra
Bolivarian Republic of VenezuelaPresident of Venezuela
IndiaEmpress of India
AbyssiniaEmperor of Ethiopia
LiechtensteinPrince of Liechtenstein
CountryRulerLeader's Title(s)
TavolaraKing of Tavolara
British EmpireQueen of Great Britain
NorwayKing of Norway
AndorraEpiscopal Co-Prince of Andorra, Bishop of Urgell
DenmarkKing of Denmark
BavariaKing of Bavaria
W├╝rttembergKing of W├╝rttemberg
FrancePresident of France
KoreaEmperor of Korea
JapanEmperor of Japan
BoliviaPresident of Bolivia
Argentine RepublicPresident of the Argentine Republic
SpainKing of Spain
MonacoPrince of Monaco
GreeceKing of the Hellenes
PortugalKing of Portugal
PersiaShah of Persia

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