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Ummmmm sponge ill
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Who's that yellow shape with many circles on him?
Who's that drooling, sleeping, pink figure with green and pink underpants?
Who's the deranged grumpy octopus guy next to that square dude?
Who's the geeky squirrel with a space suiit on? She looks sexy outside her dome
Who's the greedy , rich, and a fat jerk who owns a fast food restaurant who slaves his employees?
This is a snail cat. The world may never know if he's a snail or a cat.
This fat woman hates square dude but teaches sponge bob about driving which he sucks at?
This guy is green and he is a pirate and he's not even scary, he's like a cute panda bear but green and ghostly.
This guy brags about his life, he hates Octopus man's guts. He has hair on his forehead?
He is a sexy lobster who owns a beach and gets 10,000 ladies every day.
She is a fat whale with a huge nose and has the life of a stereotypical teenage girl in our generation
He's an inch tall, he's evil, I can beat his ass in soccer.
She's married to a green inch thing with 1 eye. She's an AI.
The news reporter for bikini bottom with no life. He gets a penny an hour.
The fat old doofus who has a bra when he doesn't have boobs.
He's a skinny hero who's the sidekick of the fat doofus with the bra

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