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In every relationship there is a ____ and a ____
Sleeping with seven women in seven days
Do you love or hate this person? Is he a ____ or a _____?
A date that compresses 17 dates worth of spectacle into one date, thereby making it possible to sleep with a woman who would normally enforce the full 17-date waiting period.
Someone who is romantically interested, but the object of their affection will often say 'I can't be with you right now', is known as being:
The period of time someone has to make contact with the object of their affection, after they have had a breakup but before they meet someone else
Barney's version of a MILF (abbreviation)
Tame shorthand for intercourse, an accurate analogy for the noises' loudness and level of annoyance
The pattern of behavior demonstrated by new couples who think that they have relationships figured out
The book containing all of Barney's greatest maneuvers
Telling someone you love them so they will immediately slow things down
When you bring home a girl and she just sleeps on your couch and leaves the next morning, you are a: _______ ________
A Canadian Sex Act involving maple syrup
A test in which Lily imagines herself, Marshall, Ted and the girl sitting on the porch of their beach house in their 70s.
Opposite of a bucket list: a list of things you have to stop doing, right now, before you die.
The up-and-coming neighborhood that Lily and Marshall move to
The place beyond the impossible, where the possible and the impossible meet
A move where the man takes off all of his clothes and waits for the woman to return. Works 2 out of 3 times.
A text dating back to the American Revolution and penned by Barney's ancestor Barnabas Stinson
Barney uses this word to describe parties, get-togethers and nights-on-the-town, and everyone can agree that he uses it far too much.
Barney's command: Snow, Space, or Birthday...
Marshall's catchphrase when he wins an argument
Law allowing one to get out of an undesirable date within the first five minutes
The best kind of bet to make
The celebration of the end of this bet and deliverance of the punishment, coinciding with Thankgsgiving
A handy chart indicating how hot a woman has to be in order to make her craziness tolerable in a relationship

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