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What country is Mt. Everest in?
What World War II leader failed as an art student?
What South American country has the largest land area?
What speech starts with 'four score and seven years ago'?
What is the closest planet to the sun?
What US President signed the treaty to purchase Alaska from Russia?
What art and scientific movement originated in Italy in the 14th century?
What is China's official language?
Who was the original host of the TV game show Jeopardy?
What is the oldest trophy competed for in North America?
Who is the President of France?
What is the world's highest waterfall?
What color is the cross on the Greek flag?
What was the last year Michael Jordan played in the NBA?
What city is most of Les Miserables set in?
What is the capital of Iran?
A phlebotomist extracts what from the human body?
What year did the Gulf War start?
What is an infant whale called?
What company's motto is 'Don't leave home without it'?
Who was the first President to govern all fifty states?
What artist cut off his own ear?
In what year did Prohibition begin in the US?
What is the national bird of India?
What is the innermost layer of Earth called?
What Ukrainian city is also known as 'the pearl of the Black Sea'?
What company's motto is 'Think Different'?
What is the highest mountain in the Alps?
Who was the 42nd president of the US?
Senegal is located on what continent?
When did construction of the Titanic begin?
Who was the first President to win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Who is the god of the underworld in Greek mythology?
What was the first human organ to be successfully transplanted?
What religion was Richard Nixon?
What baseball team has won the most World Series?
What is the square root of 169?
What is the capital of Libya?
In a biathlon, what event comes after cross-country skiing?
What is the largest member of the dolphin family?
What country has won the most gold medals in the men's Olympic marathon?
Where on a frog do you rub it to hypnotize it?
What does USSR stand for?
In what Charles Dickens novel was Miss Havisham jilted on her wedding day?
What is known as the eternal city?
How many official languages does Switzerland have?
What were originally known as statues of merit?
What is the longest river in Europe?
What was the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery?

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