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what did derek give meredith after a sucessful kidney surgery?it was called a 'Domino surgery'
who did bailey name her son after?he helped deliver the baby
where was izzie's tattoo?she was a model
who has a photographic memory?her nickname is lexipedia
who repeated his intern year?he only failed by one point
what is meredith and lexie's father's problem?he left meredith's family
^who else shares this problem?he steped down from cheif for it
how many times has meredith almost died?
what is derek's favorite color?
what color scrubs to interns wear?
what color scrubs do attendings wear?
who was selected to be intrum cheif?
name three people who have been cheif of surgery
name two people who have been cheif resident
what does hunt suffer from?
what color hair did meredith have in high schoolshe did the 'pink hair rebellious thing'
how many girls has callie dated?erica hahn and arizona robbins
what does meredith build the dream house out ofit was only the floor plan
who is infertile?she has a 'Hostile uterus'
how many of the original five interns remain?izzie got cancer and left and george was hit by a bus

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