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When seeing this sign you must yield the right of way to pedestrians and approaching traffic, it is eight sided and red
In rural areas this sign can be up to 750 feet in advance, it is yellow with a crossbuck X
Don't go above what this sign says
If you don't follow this sign, you will find yourself head on with traffic
This color of a sign indicates that you could stop for a picnic or a walk
This color of a sign indicates that there was either a natural disaster or a traffic incident
If you don't know where you are this color of sign will tell you
If your car needs repairing, this color of sign can help you find what you need, and maybe a bite to eat
This is a three sided pennant shaped sign
This sign warns you of a dangerous hill that you should slow down for, otherwise you could miss a sharp curve
This sign says to only pass when it is safe, it signals that you are at an end to a certain type of zone
This sign indicates that the road you are about to travel on is two feet less wide than a typical road, and that the road is suspended
When you see this sign you will most likely start travelling in a new direction because the road you were going to travel on is currently closed
This sign will be in an area where you will see a disabled veteran plate or other disability plates
A sharp curve will follow this sign, this sign also may indicate a narrow bridge or road
This sign warns you to slow down because of slippery road conditions

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