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For safety, when exiting a vehicle on the road side, one must walk around the ________ of the car
Which gear must one be in in order to drive continuously forward?
On the control panel, what guage shows the driver their speed in MPH?
When a drivers brights are on, what color is the 'brights' symbol?
What is the first thing a driver must check before driving? Hint: before mirrors....
This instrument measures the distance traveled, in miles, by a vehicle.
When driving, what is the proper hand position on the steering wheel?
When switching gears, the driver should keep their foot..............
Which gear locks the transmission?
This gear allows the wheels to roll, with out using engine power.
What is the shape of the emergency flashers button?
What gear are you in when the lights on the back of your car are white?
A passenger or driver should always wear their __________
To make a right turn, the driver shifts the turn signal lever up or down?
A driver should be at least _______ inches from the steering wheel when driving
To start the engine, the key should be pushed to the ______ key postion

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