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Can you guess the five answers in each Undertaker related group?

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Gimme the First 5 Cities Undertaker Has Won The WWF/E Championship or World Heavyweight Championship
Gimme the 5 Members of the Alliance that Fought Undertaker's Team WWE at 2001 Invasion
Gimme the 5 Men that Undertaker Wrestled as Mean Mark Callus on WCW PPV or Clash of Champions Before He Debuted in WWE
Gimme the Opponents of the Undertaker in his Last 5 Casket Matches on PPV
Gimme the 5 Men that Undertaker Eliminated in the 2003 Royal Rumble
Gimme the First 5 Undertaker Opponents in Madison Square Garden
Gimme the 5 Men Against Whom Undertaker Successfully Defended the Hardcore Championship on TV Matches
Gimme the Other 5 Wrestlers in the Elimination Chamber Match Won by the Undertaker
Gimme the Names of the First 5 Singles Opponents of the Undertaker at The Royal Rumble PPV
Gimme the 5 Match Types/Stipulations in Undertaker vs. Mankind PPV Matches
Gimme the 5 Wrestlers Who Have Won a Hell in a Cell Match Involving The Undertaker
Gimme the 5 Men Who Have Faced The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match

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