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Who Assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdiand In The Build Up To WWI?
How Many Years Did The Hundred Years War Last?
Which African Country Uses The Shilling As Currency?
Which Actor Plays 'Mike Hannigan' In Friends?
Which American Artist Has Albums Including 'Devils & Dust' And 'Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ'?
The Romanov Family Were Murdered In Which Russian City?
Who Is The Author Of 'Down and Out In Paris and London'?
In Which FIlm Does Tom Hanks Play A Lawyer Suffering From HIV/AIDS?
Who Scored The Winning Goal In The 2014 World Cup Final?
What Is The Most Pirated TV Programme?
Valletta Is The Capital Of Which Country?
Upon Which Ship Did Captain Cook Sail During His Second And Third Voyages Of Discovery?
Who Was The First Female Prime Minister Of Israel?
How Was The USA's 'Strategic Defense Initiative' More Popularly Known?
Who Was The Founding Father And First President Of The Republic Of China?
Who Was Time Magazine's First 'Person Of The Year'?
Which Comedy Troupe Include Eric Idle And Michael Palin?
Who Is The Lead Singer Of 'The Killers'?
Who Is The Shortest Serving President Of The USA?
Who Was The Roman God Of Fire?
Which Comedian Played Brian Potter In The Comedy Series Phoenix Nights?
What Did The USA Buy From Russia For $7.2 Million In 1867?
Which Country Won The First European Song Contest?
Which Scientist Invented Dynamite?
'Bound For Glory' Is The Autobiography Of Which American Singer-Songwriter And Folk Musician?
The Flag Of Which Country Is Unique For Being The Only Non-Rectangular Flag?
What Went Up In 1961 But Did Not Come Down Until 1989?
Which Cricketer Holds The Record For The Most Runs Scored By A Number 11 In A Test Match?

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