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Cause & SymptomsDiseaseTransmitted By
Restlessness, irritability, difficulty swallowing; muscle pain & spasm in jaw, abdomen, back, or entire bodyOrganisms in soil contaminate wounds
Rash, fever, weepy eyes, cough, nasal dischargeRespiratory route, highly contagious
Itchy bumps & blisters, fever; latent infections manifest as shinglesRespiratory route, dissemination from skin lesions, respiratory secretions
Enlarging red rash at site of bite; fever, malaise, headache, achiness, joint painBites of ticks in association w/ infected mice/deer
Tender red rash w/ sandpaper texture; malaise, irritability, fever, large blisters, peeling of skinPerson-to-person, usually infants
Fever, muscle aches, lack of energy, headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, coughAntigenic drift &antigenic shift thwart immunity
Chronic fever, weight loss, cough, sputum production (sometimes bloody)Inhalation of airborne organisms/latent infections
Runny nose followed days after by spasms of violent coughing; vomitting, possible convulsionsInhalation of infected droplets
Chills, fever, cough, chest pain, bloody mucoid sputumUsually a secondary infection (often resistant to antibiotics)
Scratchy throat, nasal discharge, malaise, headache, coughInhalation of infected droplets; transfer of infectious mucus to nose or eye
Sore throat, fever, fatigue/malaise; membrane forms on tonsils & throat (or in nose), paralysis, heart & kidney failureInhalation of infected droplets; direct contact w/ carrier; contact w/ contaminated object
Red sore throat w/ pus & tiny hemorrhages, enlargement & tenderness of cervical lymph nodesDirect or droplet contact; ingestion of contaminated food
Fever, sore throat, head & muscle aches, rash, enlarged lymph nodes; LATER: malignant tumors, pneumonia, diarrhea,...Sexual contact, transfer of blood, mother to child at childbirth (& breastfeeding)
Cause & SymptomsDiseaseTransmitted By
Fatigue, fever, sore throat, enlargement of lymph nodesSaliva
Blurred or double vision, weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; generalized paralysis & respiratory insufficiencyIngestion of contaminated food (often canned)
Itching burning pain at infection site, painful urination, tiny blisters w/ underlying rednessSexual intercourse, oral-genital contact
Painful gradually enlarging soft chancres on or near genitalia, large tender regional lymph nodesSexual transmission, common in prostitutes
Chancre, fever, rash, stroke, nervous system deteriorationSexual transmission, kissing, transplacental passage
Fever, dysentery, vomiting, headache, stiff neck, convulsions, painful jointsFecal-oral
Abrupt onset of massive diarrhea, vomiting, muscle crampsIngestion of fecally contaminated food or water
Fever, headache, loss of appetite, painful swelling or parotid glands, painful enlargement of testicles, pelvic pain, stiff neckSaliva; humans are only reservoir
Fever, throat pain, ulcerations of throat & mouth; itching tingling pain & blisters/sores on lipsClose physical contact, saliva
Range from belching to vomiting, abdominal pain, tenderness & bleeding w/ complicated ulcer or cancerFecal-oral, progressive with age
Rapid onset (6-12 hrs) pain, massive swelling, foul-smelling pusHuman bite involving individual w/ poor mouth care or dental disease
Severe pain, gas & fluid seepage from wound, blackening of overlying skin, shock & death commonly followDirt contamination of wounds

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