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Who played Joey Tribbiani on 'Friends'?
What is the square root of 361?
How many players make up a cricket team?
What was the first name of the founder of Ferrari?
Which professional wrestler is known as 'The Nature Boy'?
Which country has won the most (summer) Olympic medals?
In what year was JFK assassinated?
What element is number 82?
What film won the 'Best Picture' Oscar in 2011?
What car company has a logo consisting of four rings?
What is the weakest fundamental force?
What is the name of Ned Flanders' late first wife?
Who wrote 'Under the Dome'
What is the 4th most populous country in the world?
How many SI base units are there?
Who originally played the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'?
What does the French word 'pamplemousse' mean?
Which family 'always pays their debts'?
What nationality is Hercule Poirot?
What is the demonym for someone from Newcastle?

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