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Can you name the Organic Chemistry 1 Reaction products given the Reagent?

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Hg(OAc)2, H20/THF, NaBH4/OH-
Cl2 or Br2, CCl4
Pt, Pd, or Ni, excess pressure, H2
NaNH2, liquid anyhydrous NH3
2 Na+, anhydrous NH3, 2 EtOH
Bronsted-Lowry acid, heat
EtONa (alkoxide)
Pt, Ni2B, H2 or Lindlar's Catalyst
H+(from acid)/H2O
Borane (BH3) in THF, H2O2, OH-
BH3 in THF, CH3CO2H, heat
Cl2 or Br2, H2O
1) OsO4, pyridine 2) NaHSO3, H2O
KMnO4, OH-, H2O, heat
O3, CH2Cl2, -78 degrees C, Me2S or Zn/HOAc
Cl2 or Br2, UV light
Cl2 or Br2, 500 degrees C
NBS, light or heat
HBr, Peroxides

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