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Treaty of Amity and Commerce
Mao's Long March
Self Strengthening Movement
Founding of PRC
Gandhi is Assassinated
US Have Failed Attempt
Salt March
Open Door Policy
Bangladesh is Formed
Japan Annexes Korea
Treaty of Shimonoseki
New Culture Movement
Momentous Year
Republic of China
Battle of Plassey
Rape of Nanking
Amherst Embassy
British East India Company
Boxer Rebellion
Ming Dynasty
Pearl Harbor
Meiji Restoration
Non-Cooperation Movement
Taiping Rebellion
Ruso-Japanese War
Commodore Perry
Japan is closed
Sepoy Rebellion
Century of Humiliation
First Sino-Japanese War
First Opium War
Treaty of Nanking
May 4th Movement
Quit India Movement
100 Days Reform
Macartney Embassy
Kanagawa Treaty
Chinese Communist Movement
Manhattan Project --> bombs
Japan invades Manchuria
Qing Dynasty
Great Depression
Second Opium War
Tokugawa Shogunate

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