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'A reckoning approaches.'
'Know your environment.'
'I can see the fear in your heart.'
'Battles come and go. I am eternal.'
'True will cannot be defeated.'
'Your people mistake loudness for import.'
'Keep your spirits high.'
'I'll help you this time. Duck.'
'Embrace the inevitable.'
'Let them eat swords.'
'C'mon you, let's dance! Ha!'
'Lima Oscar Lima!'
'You only need to click once, fool!'
'Death is the only escape.'
'Don't make me hurt you!'
'Help is not coming...'
'I will tear the world asunder!'
'When you fall, you get right back up.'
'I live behind enemy lines.'
'Fate has made its choice.'
'Fate is in our hands.'
'Deny me no longer!'
'Got any bright ideas?'
'Here's to you, kid.'
'I walk behind none.'
'Enforced equilibrium.'
'I miss the darkness of the Void.'
'Blood in the air.'
'From suffering, my banquet is born.'
'A harvest moon, so aptly named.'
'Patience, summoner.'
'Why don't I have coverage for prosthetics?'
'So many strings waiting to be pulled.'

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