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This Coen Brothers' PG-13 adventure remake from 2010, starring Jeff Bridges, soon became the director duo's biggest hit, and the highest-grossing western since Wild Wild West (1999
The surprise hit comedy from 2009, was the fastest R-rated youth comedy to reach the $200 million mark (it took 30 days).
This institute announced its list of the Top 100 American Films of All Time, with Orson Welles' classic Citizen Kane (1941) ranked # 1.
The most expensive film of all time in 1997, also soon became the highest grossing and most successful film of all-time in Hollywood history, surpassing the record of Star Wars.
The highest-grossing (domestic) movie of 1989 was director Tim Burton's neo-gothic and dark (...) , an adult version of a comic-book thriller.
She became the first performer to acquire ten Academy Award acting nominations (1935-1962). This legendary actress, died in 1989 at the age of 81 in France, of breast cancer.
This production company started when brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein purchased and renovated a run-down movie theater, and turned it into a profitable college art house.
He declined his nomination for his role in 'The Hustler' (1961), becoming the first actor to decline an Oscar nomination (received in 1962).
In 1991 Pixar and Disney agreed to co-produce the first fully computer-generated feature film, released four years later.
To maximize profits from weekend audiences, the industry decided to move major film openings from mid-week to this day in 1973.
Brian De Palma's satirical draft-dodger comedy from 1968, was the first film in the US to receive the new rating of X by the MPAA - for nudity and profanity.
After making sixteen Paramount feature movies together from 1949 to 1956, this film duo broke up, after their last teaming in the comedy/musical Hollywood or Bust (1956).
This Best Picture-winning film (1956) was notable for the dozens of credited cameo roles for its many stars. The term 'cameo appearance' was popularized by this film.
Japan gave birth to the long-running series of (...) monster films with Ishiro Honda's Gojira (1954, Jp.).
This company introduced the video laser disc (aka laserdisc/LD) the first optical disc storage media for the consumer market in 1978.
Disney's 1991 film was the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.
This 12 year-old actor was paid $8 million in 1992 to star in the second highest-grossing (domestic) film of the year, the largest paycheck for a child star.
The first in a trilogy of films, was the first major Marvel superhero comic ever adapted for the screen in 2000, and also one of the most profitable film franchises (of comics).
This movie from 2002 became the first musical to win Best Picture since Oliver! (1968) - 34 years earlier.
She was nominated as Best Director for Lost in Translation, becoming the first American woman nominated for Best Director and only the third woman ever nominated for Best Director.

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