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Can you name the 100 greatest movie passions according to the American Film Institute?

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Rank/YearMovieRomantic Partners
1 (1942)Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund
2 (1939)Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara
3 (1961)Tony and Maria
4 (1953)Joe Bradley and Princess Ann
5 (1957)Nicky Ferrante and Terry McKay
6 (1973)Hubbell Gardner and Katie Morosky
7 (1965)Yuri Zhivago and Lara
8 (1946)George and Mary Hatch Bailey
9 (1970)Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavalleri
10 (1931)A tramp and a blind flower girl
11 (1977)Alvy Singer and Annie Hall
12 (1964)Professor Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle
13 (1985)Denys Finch-Hatton and Karen Blixen
14 (1951)Charlie Allnut and Rose Sayer
15 (1939)Heathcliff and Cathy
16 (1952)Don Lockwood and Kathy Selden
17 (1987)Ronny Cammareri and Loretta Castorini
18 (1958)John 'Scottie' Ferguson and Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton
19 (1990)Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen
20 (1953)Sgt. Milton Warden and Karen Holmes
21 (1990)Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward
22 (1981)Norman and Ethel Thayer
23 (1942)Jerry Durrance and Charlotte Vale
24 (1933)Kong and Ann Darrow
25 (1989)Harry Burns and Sally Albright
26 (1941)Charles Pike and Jean Harrington
27 (1965)Captain Von Trapp and Maria
28 (1940)Alfred Kralik and Klara Novak
29 (1982)Zack Mayo and Paula Pokrifki
30 (1936)Lucky Garnett and Penny Carroll
31 (1956)King Mongkut of Siam and Anna Leonowens
32 (1939)Dr. Frederick Steele and Judith Traherne
33 (1937)Armand Duval and Marguerite Gautier
34 (1991)The Beast and Belle
Rank/YearMovieRomantic Partners
35 (1958)Gaston Lachaille and Gigi
36 (1942)John Smith/Charles Rainier and Paula
37 (1997)Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater
38 (1934)Peter Warne and Ellie Andrews
39 (1951)Jerry Mulligan and Lise Bouvier
40 (1939)Count Leon and Ninotchka
41 (1968)Nick Arnstein and Fanny Brice
42 (1935)Count Vronsky and Anna
43 (1954)Norman Maine and Esther Blodgett
44 (1940)C. K. Dexter Haven and Tracy Lord
45 (1993)Sam Baldwin and Annie Reed
46 (1955)John Robie and Frances Stevens
47 (1961)Bud Stamper and Wilma 'Deanie' Loomis
48 (1972)Paul and Jeanne
49 (1946)Frank Chambers and Cora Smith
50 (1998)William Shakespeare and Viola De Lesseps
51 (1938)David Huxley and Susan Vance
52 (1967)Ben Braddock and Mrs. Robinson/Elaine Robinson
53 (1951)George Eastman and Angela Vickers/Alice Tripp)
54 (1954)Linus Larrabee and Sabrina Fairchild
55 (1981)John Reed and Louise Bryant
56 (1996)Count Laszlo de Almásy and Hana
57 (1967)Mark and Joanna Wallace
58 (1967)Dr. John Prentice and Joey Drayton
59 (1955)Hal Carter and Madge Owens
60 (1944)Harry 'Steve' Morgan and Marie 'Slim' Browning
61 (1961)Paul 'Fred' Varjak and Holly Golightly
62 (1960)C.C. Baxter and Fran Kubelik
63 (1927)The Man (Anses) and The Wife (Indre)
64 (1955)Marty and Clara
65 (1967)Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker
66 (1979)Isaac Davis and Mary Wilkie
67 (1951)Stanley and Stella Kowalski OR Blanche DuBois and Harold 'Mitch' Mitchell
68 (1972)Dr. Howard Bannister and Judy Maxwell
Rank/YearMovieRomantic Partners
69 (1971)Harold Chasen and Marjorie “Maude” Chardin
70 (1995)Edward Ferrars and Elinor Dashwood OR Christopher Brandon and Marianne Dashwood
71 (1920)Lennox Sanderson OR David Bartlett and Anna Moore
72 (1987)C.D. 'Charlie' Bales and Roxanne Kowalski
73 (1947)Capt. Daniel Gregg and Lucy Muir
74 (1942)Sam Craig and Tess Harding
75 (1995)President Andrew Shephard and Sydney Wade
76 (1952)Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danaher
77 (1937)Jerry and Lucy Warriner
78 (1978)Luke Martin and Sally Hyde
79 (1939)Preston Dillard and Julie Marsden
80 (1921)Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan and Lady Diana Mayo
81 (1977)Elliot Garfield and Paula McFadden
82 (1985)Det. John Book and Rachel Lapp
83 (1930)Tom Brown and Amy Jolly
84 (1944)Walter Neff and Phyllis Dietrichson
85 (1955)Mark Elliott and Dr. Han Suyin
86 (1946)T.R. Devlin and Alicia Huberman
87 (1988)Tomas and Tereza
88 (1987)Westley and Buttercup
89 (1966)George and Martha
90 (1995)Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson
91 (1988)Jack Trainer and Tess McGill
92 (1959)Porgy and Bess
93 (1987)Johnny Castle and Frances 'Baby' Houseman
94 (1981)Ned Racine and Matty Walker
95 (1955)The Tramp and Lady
96 (1967)Paul and Corrie Bratter
97 (1978)Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson
98 (1939)Quasimodo and Esmerelda
99 (1959)Brad Allen and Jan Morrow
100 (1996)Jerry Maguire and Dorothy Boyd

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