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Forced Order
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Invasion of Panama; Persion Gulf War; Breakup of USSR
Compromise of 1850; Fugitive Slave Law
Compromise of 1877; ended Reconstruction; Laissez-Faire
'Swing Around the Circle' Campaign; 14th Amendment
'Vietnamization'; SALT; Watergate
War on Terrorism; Financial Crisis; Tax Cuts
Bureau of the Budget; Pardoned Eugene Debs
Repealled Sheramn Silver Purchase Act; Panic of 1893
Great Society; Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Annexation of Texas; Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo; WIlmot Proviso; Gadsden Purchase
Modern Republicanism; Interstate Highway System; Brown v Board of Education
Approved Development of Modern Navy; Anti-Stalwart;
Halfbreeds; Laissez-Faire; Assassinated
Peaceful Revolution; Barbary Pirates; Chesapeake-Leopard Affair
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Panic of 1873; Amnesty Act of 1872; 15th Amendment
'Bleeding Kansas'; Lecompton Constitution; Dred Scott; Crittenden Compromise
McKinley Tariff; Sherman Antitrust Act; Sherman Silver Purchase Act
shortest presidency; called Congress into a Special Session
Moral Diplomacy; Federal Trade Commission; Pinchot-Ballinger Controversy
Trent Affair; Confiscation Acts; Wade-Davis Bill
opposed Compromise of 1850; slaveholder
Hay-Pauncefote Treaty; Panama Canal
Wall Street Crash; Hawley-Smoot Tariff; Federal Farm Board
Federalist; XYZ Affair; Alien and Sedition Acts; Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Cuban Missile Crisis; Bay of Pigs Invasion
Panic of 1837; Oregon and Maine Boundary Disputes
elected unanimously; Pickney Treaty; warned against 'permanent alliances'
Three Rs; Emergency Banking Relief Act; Fair Labor Standards Act
'Corrupt Bargain'; 'Tariff of Abominations'
Dingley Tariff; First Modern President
Containment; Berlin Airlift; Espionage Cases; NATO
Webster-Ashburton Treaty; 'His Accidency'
Pardoned Nixon; Cambodian Genocide' Investigated CIA
Indian Removal Act; Specie Circular; Pet Banks
Missouri Compromise; Panic of 1812; Era of Good Feelings
Limited Government; Vetoed Bills to give Veterans Bonuses
Supply-Side Economics; Deregulation
Human Rights; Camp David Accords; Iran and Hostage Crisis
Dollar Diplomacy; Lodge Corollary
NAFTA; Family and Medical Leave Act; Peacekeeping Policy
Treaty of Ghent; Hartford Convention; Nonintercourse Act

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