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Can you name the important people in Grand Theft Auto 4?

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Old-School Gangster, been in prison for a 90's crack deal, needs Niko's help to rebuild his reputation
Another possible girlfriend for Niko, a lawyer, nickname on is LawChick
Was in Niko's old Army Unit, came to Liberty City to find him, player has the choice to kill him or leave him alive at Francis International Airport in Dukes
Another possible girlfriend for Niko, Hispanic, nickname on is SoBoHoe
Old friend of Niko and Roman's, openly gay in a relationship with the Deputy Mayor, owns a pink Infernus which is given to Niko
Puerto Rican, Roman's Girlfriend, had affair with Vlad
Associate of Elizabeta, friends with Dwayne, lives on X in Northern Algonquin in a penthouse
Russian Syndicate Leader, lives in a mansion in Beachgate, heavy cocaine user
Arms/Drugs Dealer, Jamaican, Roman and him are good friends
Major 'Motor-head', Steroid Junkie, offers Niko various races
Cab Service Operator, Serbian, heavily in gambling debt
Another possible girlfriend for Niko, a rich snob, can be met on
Russian Syndicate Co-leader, later in the game becomes Niko's arch enemy, Faustin's associate
Niko's first girlfriend, easily impressed, has a silver Merit that she has no problem with Niko after the first date to the carnival
Hispanic drug dealer from Bohan, short temper, killes Manny
Hispanic that lives in South Bohan, 'cleaning up the streets,' many consider him an annoying joke
Bernie's gay lover, Deputy Mayor, conservative
Italian restaurant owner, referred to as a 'guinea', part of the Pegorino Family Mafia
One of the McReary siblings, dates Niko her brother encourages him to, may get killed in last mission
Russian Mobster, owns Comrades Bar on Mohawk in Hove Beach, overuses 'yokel' and 'serf'
Part of McReary Crime Family, gives car bombs to Niko, youngest brother of the McRearys
Dying leader of the Gambetti Crime Family, gain enormous fame and power in the city, in currently living in the Schottler Medical Center
Protagonist, Serbian, Fought in Yugoslav Wars
Leader of the Pegorino Family Mafia, based in Alderney, enemies with the Pavano Family Crime Syndicate

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