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FactHorse Breed
Best known for its use in horse racing.
Was first developed in Kentucky as a plantation horse. Many Civil War generals choose this breed as their mighty steed. Known for their elegance and used mainly for saddle seat.
Famous due to being the horse of the western movies. Best used for western riding.
One of the USA's earliest breeds. Named after it's owner who's initials are J.M
Most recognizable horse. It is known for it's head shape and high tail carriage. Known for their light but fast movements.
Is from Lower Saxony(Germany). Named after the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg
Originates in Schleswig-Hostein. It is a famous horse used for eventing.
Two words: Anheuser-Busch
Native to the Caribbean after being imported from Spain, they are known for their smooth, lateral ambling gait.
Lightest and most refined of warmbloods. Known for it's floating trot
FactHorse Breed
Known for the pace. It is most famous for harness racing.
Not exactly a breed but mainly deals with it spotted characteristics.
The feral horse of the west. It's the living symbol of the historic and pioneer spirit of the west.
Have a unique four-beat 'running walk.' Known for being flashy and a comfortable ride.
Known for the 'fox trot' which is a unique gait characteristic of this horse.
A draft horse that originated in France. They were famous European war horses. Known for their intelligence and willingness to work.
Known for doing the tolt which is known for its explosive acceleration and speed.
Originated in England and have no exact known history. Colorings are normally piebald or skewbald.
Are graceful and nimble for their size. It's ancestors were famous war horses in the Middle Ages because they could carry a knight and armor and still move with speed. Normally bla
Known for it's leopard-spotted coat pattern. Best known as a stock horse and used in western riding.

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