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Writing that is make-believe
Factual writing about real people or events
Where and when the story takes place
The people or animals in a story
When writing has this point of view, a character is telling the story and the pronouns 'I' and 'Me' are often used.
The series of events in a story
A life lesson in a story
When writing has this point of view, an outside force is telling the story and the pronouns 'he' and 'them' are often used.
The feeling a reader gets from the story
The author's attitude towards the topic they are writing about
Language that paints pictures in a reader's mind
Language that is very blunt and straightforward
Her shirt is white as snow.
He is mouse-quiet!
Slippery silver snakes slither south...
The wind whispered its secret to me.
A noun that represents something bigger than itself.
A fire station burning down is an example of _.
Boom! Clap!
A person, place, or thing
Action or state-of-being words
He, she, it, them
Words that describe nouns
They show where the nouns go...above, at, around
Connector words like and, so, but
They describe verbs and end in ly usualLY
Yikes! They command, protest, or exclaim!
Weak punctuation that can only slow down a sentence, but not stop it.
Informal writing uses these to pause
Stronger punctuation that is half a colon and half a period; they can connect two independent clauses
The two parts of speech you need to have a complete sentence
The purpose for writing that convinces you
The purpose for writing that shares facts
The purpose for writing that is pure fun
Central Idea is another way of saying __ idea.

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