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For each letter of the alphabet, can you name the MLB player that wore the number 2 that matches the given hint?

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No doubt this is what Austin Powers *really* meant. Can you guess or figure out these baseball Number Twos, given the first letter of their last name, a team and a clue?
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InitialAnswerTeam and Hint
A---BLUE JAYS--- You may remember me better from my exploits in the NBA
B---BRAVES--- As a rookie, I played in all seven games of the 1991 World Series.
C---ATHLETICS--- I only wore number 2 for a couple of fact, I didn't wear it in either year I won the American League MVP.
D---DODGERS--- You probably know me more as a manager. I once said that nice guys finish last...or maybe I didn't.
E---ROYALS--- Me swinging at the first pitch of the game was a good luck charm.
F---WHITE SOX--- I'm one of the slickest fielding second basemen of all time. Go-go!
G---TIGERS--- I and a 'G' teammate each made the Hall of Fame from the first half of the 20th century.
H---DIAMONDBACKS--- Before my mid-season trade to Arizona, I hit 62 home runs in two seasons for the Blue Jays.
J---YANKEES--- I will be the last Yankee to ever wear number 2.
K---ANGELS--- I won an ALCS MVP, hitting three home runs in one of the games.
L---REDS--- Known as much for my lack of speed as for my prolific bat, I took a famous 'snooze' in the World Series.
M---ORIOLES--- I'm known more for my time as manager of the Mariners, Diamondbacks and Athletics.
P---INDIANS--- Now with the Cardinals, you probably recognize me from the unconventional way I spell my first name.
R---RED SOX--- A second baseman, I came over to the Red Sox from the Angels just in time for a famous Boston collapse.
S---CARDINALS--- I won World Series with the Cards both as a player and as a manager.
T---ROCKIES--- I led the Rockies to the World Series as a rookie, and I hope to do the same for the Jays before I'm through.
U---RAYS--- Perhaps you also know my brother, with whom I recently played on the same team.
V---TWINS--- I won an MVP in leading Minnesota to its first World Series.
W---GIANTS--- One of the few outfielders on this list, I was once traded for Lou Piniella.
Y---ASTROS--- I twice led the National League in times caught stealing. Hey, someone had to.

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