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The Main Protagonist
The Squadmate You Save on Eden Prime
The Turian C-Sec Agent Squad Mate
Your Human Squadmate Through out all of Mass Effect 1 and Most of 3
The Daughter of Matriarch Benezia
Quarian Squadmate Who Had Evidence That Saren is Working With the Geth
Krogan Squadmate Who is a Bounty Hunter
Human Squadmate Who Dies on Eden Prime
Former Captain of the Normandy
Pilot of the Normandy
Ambassador for the Humans and Alliance
Doctor of the Normandy
Former Spectre Working with the Geth and Reapers
Matriarch Working with Saren
Reaper Working with Saren to Bring Back the Rest of the Reapers
Giant Plant Species Living Under a Feros Colony
Tank-Bred Krogan Squadmate
A Powerful Biotic Who You Save From the 'Purgatory'
A Cerberus Operative Who You Meet on Lazarus Station
DLC! Master Thief Who You Help on a Heist
The Geth Squadmate Who is Free From the Geth Hivemind
The Cerberus Operative Who Brought Shepard Back to Life With Project Lazarus
The Salarian Scientist Who Created a Counteracting Solution Against the Seeker Swarms
The Ardat-Yakshi Daughter of the Justicar
The Asari Justicar Squadmate
A Drell Assassin Who is Slowly Dying
DLC! Mercenary Squadmate Who Partly Created the
DLC! Attempts to Delay Reapers, Becomes Indoctrinated
Major Leader of the Lazarus Project, Attempts to Kill Shepard
The A.I. of the New Normandy
The Mysterious Leader of Cerberus
Official Yeoman of the Normandy in Mass Effect 2
The Leader of the Collectors and Can Control Them in the Field
DLC! Mysterious Figure Who Deal in Information, Really Powerful
The Largest Reaper, Basically the Leader of the Reapers
The New Squadmate You Meet Right Before the Reapers Attack
DLC! The Prothean Who You Awake from Cryogenic Sleep
Powerful Figure Located on Omega
DLC! Turian Leader of the Talon Mercenary Organization
Shuttle Pilot in Mass Effect 3

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