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Can you name the Oncogene Tumor Supressors Carcinogens Microbes

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HintAnswerOther Info
retgene product
Hodgkin lymphomamicrobe
Rbgene product
ca-125associated tumor
CNS lymphoma (immunocompromised)microbe
p53 gene locationchromosome
Rb gene locationchromosome
Follicular Lymphomagene
Medullary thyroid carcinomatumor marker
head & neck or throat cancervirus
dermatomyositisassociated neoplasm
RAS GTPase activating proteinassociated tumor
colon cancertumor suppressor
hepatocellular carcinomatumor marker
transcription factoroncogene
renal cell carcinomaparaneoplastic agent
aflatoxinassociated tumor
Clonorchis sinensisassociated cancer
gastric carcinomaoncogene
papillary thyroid carcinomatoxin
hepatocellular cancermicrobe (not HBV/ HCV)
facial angiofibroma & seizuresassociated neoplasm (1 of 3)
Hamartin proteinassociated tumor
facial angiofibroma & seizuresassociated neoplasm (1 of 3)
PTHrpparaneoplastic diseases (1 of 3)
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2Aassociated tumor
MALT lymphomamicrobe
Paget disease of bonetumor marker
NMJ calcium channel antibodiesparaneoplastic effect
liver metastasestumor marker
Psammoma bodiesare seen in... (1 of 4)
osteosarcomatumor suppressor gene
smoked foodsassociated tumor
PTENassociated tumor (1 of 3)
HintAnswerOther Info
transitional cell carcinomatoxin
Tartrate resistant acid phosphataseassociated tumor
c-myc translocationchromosomes
pancreatic canceroncogene
bronchogenic carcinomatoxin
PTHrpparaneoplastic diseases (1 of 3)
BRAFgene product
polycythemiaassociated neoplasms
PTENassociated tumor (1 of 3)
NF2 gene locationchromosome
Von Hippel Lindau Diseasegene product
TSC2gene product
squamous cell carcinoma of SKINtoxin
squamous cell bladder cancermicrobe
APC gene locationchromosome
centrilobar necrosis of livertoxin
endodermal sinus tumortumor marker
intracranial neoplasmsparaneoplastic agent
mixed germ cell tumortumor marker
Hypercalcemia due to Vitamin Dparaneoplastic disease
ca-19-9associated tumor
lymphomaparaneoplastic agent
SMAD4associated tumor
Cushing syndromeparaneoplastic diseases
BCR-ABLgene product
choriocarcinomatumor marker
BRCA gene locationchromosome
ca-15-3associated tumor
Psammoma bodies (S)are seen in... (1 of 4)
follicular lymphoma translocationchromosomes
DNA repair proteintumor suppressor gene
Psammoma bodiesare seen in... (1 of 4)
HintAnswerOther Info
schawnnomastumor marker
alkylating agentsassociated tumor
PTENassociated tumor (1 of 3)
body cavity fluid B cell lymphomamicrobe
Burkitt lymphomamicrobe
facial angiofibroma & seizuresassociated neoplasm (1 of 3)
hydatiform molestumor marker
myasthenia gravisassociated neoplasm
nasopharyngeal carcinomamicrobe
CDK inhibitor 2Agene
ca-27-29associated tumor
seminomatumor marker
ACTHparaneoplastic diseases
testicular cancertumor maker
radonassociated tumor
cyclin D1associated tumor
rasgene product
PTHrpparaneoplastic diseases (1 of 3)
anti-apoptotic moleculeoncogene
mycgene product
Burkitt Lymphomagene
Psammoma bodiesare seen in... (1 of 4)
colon canceroncogene
retassociated tumor
Langerhans cell histiocytosistumor marker
Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndromeparaneoplastic disease
c-kitassociated tumor
VHL gene location chromosome
vinyl chlorideassociated tumor
Melanomatumor marker
HNPCCgene product
WT1 gene locationchromosome

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