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Which martyr was killed by being burned to death, and was said to have smelled like baked bread?
Which martyr was killed by being burned to death, and told his persecutors “flip me over, I’m done on this side?”
Whose eyes were gouged out before her martyrdom?
Who was tortured by having her teeth pulled out before her martyrdom?
Who was killed by dozens of arrows?
Who was one of the first apologists?
Who were defenders of the faith?
What early church bishop was eaten by lions in the roman coliseum?
Who was the first Martyr to die for the Christian faith?
Who was killed by being stabbed in the throat after burning failed?
Who are the patron saints of mothers?
Which emperor was responsible for the bloodiest persecution of Christians?
Who legalized Christianity?
What event legalized christianity?
What year was the Edict of Milan?
What is the name of the basilica is Constantinople? ?
What is a controviersial opinion or belief rejecting christian dogma?
What decade were Peter and Paul Martyred?
What group believed that Jesus was not truly divine?
What group said that priests who have sinned cannot give valid sacraments?
What group believed you do not need God's grace to go to heaven (you could do it on your own)?
What group believes that you must have a secret knowledge to recieve salvation?
What group believed that Jesus was not human (was a god that only appeared human)?
What group believes that veneration is idolatrous?
What is the latin translation of the bible called?
what group believes that mary is not the mother of God?
What group believed that serious sin cannot be forgiven by bishops (reconciliation only for small sins)?
Who had a conversion that was influenced by years of study, guidance from Ambrose, and prayers from his mother, Helena?
Who was the bishop of Milan (and a doctor of the church)?
Who translated the bible from greek and latin into the Vulgate?

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