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Type of investment that offers the most risk.
_______ rates vary from bank to bank
Savings plan offered by an employer and employees contribute money to it each pay period.
The ____ Reserve is the central bank for the United States
When you withdraw money, the amount is ______ from the balance
______ accounts are set up so that you can access your money by writing checks, with a debit card, or with an ATM card
Savings are usually guaranteed by the ____.
_______ is a tax used to fund the social security system
a business that stores and manages money for individuals and businesses
a record of transactions between you and the bank
a list of all the transactions for your bank account
an organization responsible for managing banking activity
offers banking services to businesses
nonprofit bank owned by its members
putting money into an account
an investment that protects you financially against everyday risks
a fee paid for using someone else's money
the ability of an investment to be easily converted into cash with little or no loss of capital and a minimum of delay
the amount of money paid by the insurance policy holder
the measurable likelihood of loss or less-than-expected returns
taking money out of an account
A ____ union's goal is to earn money for its customers.
Two reasons to keep your money in a bank include to keep it _____ and earn interest.
The monthly ___ fee is a common bank fee.

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