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The term used when a column in a datasheet is resized to the best width for the data contained in the column
a process that rearranges the way a database is stored on disk and optimizes the performance of the database.
A collection of objects that work together to store, retrieve, display, and summarize data and also to auto-mate tasks.
allows you to store, retrieve, analyze, and print information.
displays the data for a table or query in rows and columns, with records in rows and fields in columns.
The box in the upper-left corner of a datasheet that, when clicked, selects all fields and records in the datasheet.
The view of a database table that displays data in a rows and columns.
A single characteristic in a table’s design that appears in a datasheet as a column.
The name of a column in a database table.
the top of a column in a datasheet that contains the field name, clicking a field selector selects the column.
The specific data stored in a field for a record
the pane in access that displays the objects in a database.
The collection of field values for a complete set of data.
The box to the left of a record in a datasheet that, when clicked, selects the entire record.
data that contains numbers, text, or a combination of numbers and text
a data type that automatically adds a unique field value to each record in a table
a template that creates a database that contains only an empty table
the property of a field that determines the type of data that you can enter into the field, such as numbers or text
a field property that lets you specify the value to enter into that field for each record in a table.
an optional field property that you can use to describe the data to store in the field
the top half of the table window in design view that displays the name, data type, and optional description property for each field in the table.
The view of a table that lets you add, delete, and rearrange fields. You can also use Design view to make changes to the way that fields store data.
The bottom half of the table window in Design view that displays properties for the selected field in a table.
An additional description of field beyond the fields data type that specifies how to store data in the field, such as the number of characters the file can store.
The property that identifies the number of characters that a text, a number, or an autonumber field can store.
a property for a field that specifies how to display numbers, dates, times, and text.
the field that contains a unique field value for each record in the table.
a field property that specifies whether a value must be entered into the field.
a predesigned file that you can use to create a new file.

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