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Can you name the World War 1 facts based on the Cultural Literacy Trivia Guide?

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Forced Order
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Ill-fated Turkish landing site
Mata Hari's native country
American Flying Ace
Maker of Richtofen's airplane type
World War I's original name before WWII
Belgian Cemetery
Treaty Ending the War
German 43-ton Howitzer
French Leader
Battle that stopped German advance, 1914
Female spy for Germany in France
British-German naval battle for the North Sea, 1916
Hero of the battle of Argonne
Start of Allied Offensive, 1918
General of U.S armies, 1918
Germany, Austria-Hungary alliance
Major French/German Battle, 1916
French marshal at the battle of the Marne
City where Francis Ferdinand was assassinated
His assassination started the war
British passenger liner sank, May, 1915
Woodrow Wilson's Post-war policy
Salvation Army Worker
Britain, France, and Russia alliance
German flying ace (The Red Baron)
German Leader
British nurse executed by the Germans

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