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Can you name the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 cities?

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Town DescriptionTown/City/PlaceAvailable There
A rural town whose sea breezes give the sense of something coming
Trainers who are proud of their skills compete in tournaments
Where great movies are produced
The town boasts of porcelain and pottery made from volcanic clay
These forking paths are the last obstacle
A port town distributing many goods, and a gateway to the Unova region
A bustling city of entertainment, with many theme parks
A city restored with storehouses 100 years ago
Vegatables are grown by the runway and transported by cargo plane
A big avenue that keeps developing as you communicate with more people
Entry stairs built in memory of a former home in a snowier climate
Only trainers who win at all the pokemon gyms challenge it
A city often covered by clouds and smoke, with very active residents
Black 2's Unova challenge
A resort city where buildings float in the waves and look like islands
A summer retreat with a beach full of people who enjoy summer vacations
White 2's Unova challenge
This town offers great views due to its many hills
A convenient city of rapid change, showing no traces of the past
A town where all honor old customs, living as methodically as clockwork
The town is famous for a clock tower thar tells of the town's beginnings
A city at the foot of high mountians where you can see all of Unova
A big city with skyscrapers piercing the clouds
A skyscraper ehere people from all over the world can communicate
In winter, the city is covered with snow as far as the eye can see

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