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Can you name the characters who said these Lizzie McGuire Movie quotes?

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Forced Order
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'Who are you going to believe? This boy you are knowing your whole life or this boy you are just meeting who says 'you shine like the light from the sun'?'
'Sing to me, Paolo!'
'Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!'
'Craft. Sanders. Separate.' 'Oh we did, and thank God.'
'Way, way freaky.'
'Oh, sammies!'
'You use scented soap, huh?'
'Are those English or Italian numbers?'
'Your blue robe looks way cooler than all of the other girls'.'
('It's beautiful.') 'Yes, you are.'
'Paolo cannot sing and music, now he must face reality.'
'Look at you! You think I'm American. I am, how you say, awesome?!'
'We serve, at a five, the cookies!'
'Goodbye Lizzie McGuire, hello fabulous!'
'We're in the land that invented spaghetti!'
'Embrace the sting. That's what you're vibin' here from Lizzie.'
'It's called common sense, which I happen to have a lot of in place of my lack of slow curve.'
'I'm like physically incapable of sneaking!'
'You're no Margaret Chan!'
'I'd eat carbs if an Italian boy bought them for me!'

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