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Can you name the Justin Bieber 2012?

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question ansewerhints
what is justin biebers middle name?4 letters JDB
What is justin biebers mums name6 letters _ _ _ _ _ _
what is justin biebers dads name?_ _ _ _ _ _
how old is justin bieber?latest age
who is justin bieber going out with?_ _ _ _ _ _ gomez
what is justins favorite colormine to _ _ _ _ _ _
what is justins favorite food?spag bol
type blackberry to continue ......just type it
question ansewerhints
who is justins best friend ?simples
how old was justin when he started out ? you leave primay school at that age
who founded justin bieber ?scoot braun
who got justin famous ?us_ _ _
what was justins first ever song recorded when i met you girl my heart went knock knock now the butterflys in my tummy wont stop stop
What is justins latest album called ?i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in fairys i do i do
type in i am a mega justin bieber fan to continue i am a mega justin bieber fan
type i like cheese i like cheese

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Created Jun 24, 2012ReportNominate
Tags:2012, bieber, justin, Justin Bieber

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