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Can you name the words based on the clues in this Psych-themed word ladder?

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Hint3-Letter Word
*Shawn Spencer's best friend*
Liquid in boils and blisters
To place something somewhere
To pet or give a friendly smack
A disease-carrying rodent
Awesome or cool
*Henry is Shawn's ___*
Past tense of 'do'
The sloth on Ice Age
Something bad that you do
*Mr. ___ Presents...*
Japanese currency
Writing utensil
You use it to cook
Brand-name cooking spray
It resembles a sweet potato
Hint3-Letter Word
___ Kippur
*Madeline is Shawn's ___*
Noise made when eating something
Indicates agreement
Type of fish, or Cape ___
Shy in a playful manner
*Gus's sister*
Child's plaything
Harry Potter's nemesis
*Actor who plays Lassiter*
Not very bright
To leave life
A deer, a female deer
Wrote 'The Raven'
Cute alien app
*'Gus, don't be a grumpy ___'*

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