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Nerve that carries afferent signals from the carotid sinus barorecptors
Main problem at altitude is lowabbreviation
Anaesthetics ____ ventilatory drive
Type of pH disturbance: Insulin deficiency
3 Calcitonin targets,
Main stimulus for NO production
Plasma K+ conc is sensed by the
Type of pH disturbance: Hyperventilation due to anxiety
Short duration local anaesthetics reduce postoperative
Time of day with highest temperaturetime range (with units)
Above core temp, within thermoneutral zone
Daily sweat loss (ml)
2 PTH targets,
Mineralocorticooid receptor antagonist
pH 7.35
PlasmaK+ rises causes the secretion of which hormone
Time of day with lowest temperaturetime range (with units)
Left sided heart failure is commonly associated with
Long term effects of aldosterone
Temperature in women rises by how much on which day of the cycle?range, day
Below core temp, within thermoneutral zone
Infusion of a B1 antagonist causes CO to
Osmolarity of blood supplying the hypothalamus affects the release of
Local metabolites from active muscle cause primary
Anaesthetics ____ Upper airway resistance
Type of pH disturbance: Vomiting
Stimulating HPA increases blood ____ conc, this is mediated by _____
Where in the hypothalamus is ADH synthesised?
Short term effects of aldosterone
Type of pH disturbance: Narcotic drugs
Protein binding iron in plasma
25-hydroxycholecalciferol is synthesised in the
Diuretic with anti-androgen effects
Prostacyclins cause vsm to ___ via activation of?
Sudden increase in SVR causes CO to
Ascending 4000m over 24 hours would lead to a PaCO2 of (mmHg)
pH 6.9
Treat hyperkalaemia with 2 things
Submersion in water increases skin
Hypothalamus function: Supraoptic/paraventricular nucleus
Anaesthetics ____ myocardial contractility
Central chemoreceptors sense (x2)
Hypothalamus function: Hormone acting on the arcuate nucleus
Type of pH disturbance: COPD
pH 7.5
HPA stands for
ECG after 130% K+ would show
Rate of heat loss is related to body mass to the power:fraction
Daily water production from metabolism of carbs & lipid (ml)
Endothelin 1 is raised in
Inflammatory cytokines decrease the
Hormone regulation plasma iron
Hormone that affects renal hydroxylation of vitamin D3
Normal K+ intake/output (mEq)
Signals from peripheral chemoreceptors are relayed toabbreviation
2 causes of hypokalaemia
Above core temp, above thermoneutral zone
Septic shock is characterised by a fall in
Anaesthetic decreasing intracellular calcium accumulation in cardiac myocytes
Anaesthetics ____ VQ mismatch
Widespread poor perfusion of tissues leads to
pH 7.45
Duodenal iron transporter
Supine to standing causes CO to
pH 7.3
Conn's syndrome
ADH is released into the blood from the
Amiloride directly blocks
Type of pH disturbance: Renal failure
Enzyme that NO activates on binding to SM receptor
Calcitonin is synthesised in the
2 physiological adaptations to altitude
Infusion of 1l normal saline over 20 mins causes CO to
Type of pH disturbance: Acetozolamide
Anaesthetics ____ SVR
Hypothalamus function: Ventromedial nucleus
1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol is synthesised in
Type of pH disturbance: Exercise
Below core temp, outside thermoneutral zone (2 responses)
Which part of the adrenals secretes aldosterone?
Cushing's syndrome heightens, cause:
Mean pressure in the vascular system if the circulation stops is defined as
Hypothalamus function: Lateral hypothalamus
Which part of the adrenals secretes cortisol?
Local inflammation leads to increased
HPA stimulation causes decreased proliferation of ___ but increased numbers of
Eccrine glandular secretion is increased by topical
Peripheral chemoreceptors sense (x3)abbreviations
Do beta adrenoreceptor antagonists affect transmission at the ganglion?
Addison's syndrome is a reduction in
Precursor of NO
ACTH stimulates release of which 2 hormones?
Exposing skin to moving air increases
3 stimuli that when increased increase local blood flow:full names
Type of pH disturbance: Hyperaldosteronism
Iron efflux from macrophages and enterocytes is via
Hypothalamus function: Anterior nucleus
Protein binding intracellular iron
Minimum daily urine production (litres)
A few days at altitude causes pulmonary ____

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