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Str. pneumoniae: Gram, catalase, haemolysis?,
Which responses leads to granuloma formation in M. tuberculosis?
Percentage of lymphocytes in blood:
Lancefield group A strep:
Bacterial cell diameter?number, full name of unit
Which type of Ig protects mucosal surfaces?short name
What is a xenograft?Species, then which type of genes
What is an autograft from?
Gram - or + more likely to be resistance to beta lactams?
What is the most likely source of a pulmonary embolus?full name
What secretes TSST-1?
Anti HIV inhibiting reverse transcriptase?
Which cells are the main source of TNF alpha?
What does COX-1 generate prostaglandins and leukotrienes from?
What type of genome is found in HIV?sense (enveloped!)
Which drug can HIV show resistance to when given as monotherapy?
Which two histological characteristics are seen in the liver of patients with cirrhosis?,
Which HIV protein binds T cells?
Where is E-selectin found? What cell does it bind?,
Antibiotic inhibiting DNA gyrase?
Which cell does IFN-gamma activate
What do bile acid sequestrants prevent reabsorption of?
Which cytokine has a mitogenic effect on fibroblasts?abbreviation
Cancer drug: Damages DNA by alkylation
What is an isograft?Species, then which type of genes
Malarial parasite that invades the erythrocyte
Where does somatic hypermutation and antibody affinity maturation occur?,
Toll like receptors sense:Full name
Cancer drug: Blocks receptor for extracellular growth signals
Leishmania in sandfly gut
What does c5b initiate formation of?abbreviation
Which bacterial enzyme does penicillin inhibit?
Where does the immune response against capsulated bacteria occur?
Tuberculosis vaccine:
What does aspirin inhibit?no hyphen, separate with comma
Leishmania in a macrophage
S. aureus: Gram & catalase?,
Cancer drug: Interferes with microtubule function and prevents mitosis completion
Where do B cells mature?
Folate inhibitor & DNA synthesis inhibitor
Percentage of neutrophils in blood:
Beta lactam cancer drug inhibiting peptidoglycan cross links?
Enzyme that degrades fibrin used as drug?
Cancer drug that cross-links DNA to prevent meiosisone word
Pink colony on MacConkeys agar means a bacterium:
Bacteria that cause diarrhoea and carry labile toxinfull name
Which two cells produce IFN gamma?subtype, main type
Which statistical variable cannot be used to compare proportions in two sets of observations?
Where does acute inflammation first occur?
Which type of bacteria (+/-) contain Lipoteichoic acid in the cell wall?
Antagonist of platelet ADP receptor?
Which role of neutrophil recruitment does CD31 facilitate?
Cause of Kaposi's sarcoma?abbreviated name
How are giant cells formed?
Which cells does primary pulmonary carcinoma originate in?
Papovavirus inactivating p53 & pRB for replication?use abbreviated name, no hyphen
In which part of the mesenteric lymph node does isotype switching and affinity maturation occur (in B cells)?
Aminoglycoside that binds bacteria ribosomes
Which cells kill virally infected cells with perforins?full name
Name the alternative C3 convertase?
Which antibiotic is inactivated by bacteria betalactamase?
Gram negative rod grows on MacConkeys, doesn't ferment lactose, urease positivefull name
Which structure helps Str. pneumoniae avoid phagocytosis?
Rheumatic fever is caused by cross reactive antibodies to? Heart valves commonly attacked.full name
What is the infectious agent in prion diseases?short name
What does the MAC consist of?No spaces, separate with commas
Percentage of eosinophils in blood:
Macrolide that binds bacterial ribosomes, inhibits translation
How many hours before maximal inflammation at site of a Mantoux test?
Which cell type is elevated in patients with large pyogenic abscesses?
Which part of the lymph node to dendritic cells enter?
Bloodstream form of Trypanosome
Bacterial adhesins in N. gonnorhoeae and E. coli are in the fom of?
Is complement active in the circulation?
What type of reaction can occur in allergic response to penicillin?
Which drug inhibits HIV protease?
Influenza drug relenza inhibits:
Cancer drug: Metabolic inhibition of DNA synthesis
CD20 is found on:'cell' suffix
Gram negative bacterium that won't grow on MacConkeysfull name
Which cell comprises 5% of total leukocytes and expresses CD20?
In what form is the bacteria in cholera vaccines?
Do all Gram - bacteria contain LPS in the cell wall?
Beta lactam inhibiting bacterial cell wall synthesis
What sort of vaccine is Hep B?
Gram negative coccus causing meningitisfull name
Complement receptors on erythrocytes remove what?
Microbe implicated in nasopharyngeal carcinoma?
Chemoattractant, anaphylotoxin involved in complement?
What type of genome is found in Influenza?sense
Name the four clinical features of a positive skin test for allergen at one hour:alphabetical, use ,
Activation of which caspases in a cell lead to apoptosis?,
Which two cytokines from Th2 cells are important for B cell growth and Ig class switching?use hyphen
Which immunoglobulin crosses the placenta?
Hyperacute rejection is often due to:use -
Gram negative rod grows on MacConkeys cannot ferment lactose, oxidase positivefull name
Which is the most abundant immunoglobulin in plasma?
Percentage of basophils in blood:
Which histological feature is often seen in hyperacute rejection?
Which immunoglobulin subtypes are most important for complement fixation and efficient clearance of pyogenic bacteria?,
What converts fibrinogen to fibrin?
What does S. aureus secrete to bind Fc portions of IgG?
Name 2 anti-inflammatory cytokines from macrophages:use hyphen, then sub normal for greek letters
Where do T cells mature?
Structure of the poliomyelitis genome:
Organelle in plamodium & toxoplasma?
Role of fMetLeuPhe
Bacterium that is acid fast?
Gram negative rod that ferments lactose and grows on MacConkey's agarfull name
Cancer drug: Bind to DNA preventing normal replication
Which protein structure is found in amyloid?full name
Microbe linked to gastric carcinoma?
What colour is alpha and beta haemolysis?separate with comma
Blocks prokaryotic transcription
Which latent disease can anti TNF drugs reactivate?full name
Site of immune response to enteric bacteria?
What is an allograft?Species, then which type of genes
What sort of variable is red cell count?
How does LPS affect complement?
Which receptors on monocytes permit entry of M-tropic HIV strains?separate with comma
Tetanus vaccine:one word
Percentage of monocytes in blood:
Microbe linked to B cells in malarial areas?

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