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release from which fibres in the cerebellum gives a complex spike
excessive pupil constriction
2 epilepsy drugs
what does an internal capsule lesion do to the monosynaptic stretch reflex
midbrain pain control
commisural fibres connect
osmosensitive neurons lie in 3 places:
salt and sour use what type of ion channels
syringiomyelia destroys thea
dorsal root ganglia are formed from
retinal is converted from what to what?
what cells do mossy fibres input to
adult neurogenesis occurs in the
dorsal column systems crossing the midline form
what receives the olfactory tract via the median forebrain bundle
which neurons and where degenerate in huntingtons
l dopa treats
fibres that run from the cortex subcortically
heroin overdose treatment
cranial nerve supplying parotid
1a axons carry impulses from
olfactor receptor neurons synapse onto the
somatostatin is released from which part of the hypothalamus
olfactory axons go through the
parvocellular layers in lgn
hippocampal lesions: what memory lost
nucleus controlling plasma osmolarity
Right lower limb stretch reflex: receptor
nucleus for noradrenergic innervation of the cord
anterior thalamic nucleus projects to
spinal cord neuron determining stretch reflex sensitivity
nucleus receiving from the dentate and interposed fibres of the cerebellum
ssri's are mainly
where do parvocellular neurons release neuropeptides into portal capillaries
2 nuclei for proprioception
retina is an outgrown of the
main artery supplying v1
superficial and slow
purkynje fibres synapse onto
what stains rna
main 5ht nucleus in the brain
Flexor withdrawal: efferent fibres
lesions of the amygdala lead to loss of
release of dopamine
vpm and vpl thalamus are for
what nt do climbing fibres use
alcoholic impairment of mammillary bodies
intention tremor due to lesion in
what type of glial cells are found in the retina
bit of limbic system receiving from olfactory tract
vascular structure most involved in extradural haemmorhage
local anaesthetic
Flexor withdrawal in right leg- what muscle group stimulated in left leg?
dopamine is released from the
sensory limb of gag reflex
internuclear tract in VOR
which cells take up extra glutamate
transection of cord
va and vl nucleus are for
climbing fibres terminate on what cells
microglia are what cell line
the molecular layer does not contain
efferent gag reflex nerve
cell bodies of spinothalamic tract axons lie in the
hypothtlamic location of pomc neurons
wernicke's area does what function of speech
cells in the cns regulating extracellular K+
Right lower limb stretch reflex: classification
Right lower limb stretch reflex: increased gamma motor neuron activity, effect on reflex
which cells act as a scaffold in cns development
benzodiazepines bind to and enhance
circadian rhythm
olfactory receptors lie in the
granule cell nerotransmitter in cerebellum
Flexor withdrawal: number of synapses
planning spontaneous movement
fibres connecting mammilary bodies and hippocampus
the midbrain and colliculi are formed from
what nt do purkynje fibres use
which nuclei in the thalamus does the globus pallidus relay to
innervates conjunctiva
what stains entire fibres
what is the g protein called in the retina
nystagmus where is the lesion
nerve for muscles of mastication
inhaled anaesthetic
main target of hippocampus output
superficial and fast
gate control of pain
termination of trigeminal nociceptive axons
nucleus in the brainstem that gives a descending motor tract and receives from deep cerebellar nuclei
deep and fast, vibration
deep and slow, vibration
what transmitter do ca3 pyramidal cells use for ltp
neurotransmitter in the neocortical projection to neostriatum
Flexor withdrawal: stimulus
last synapse of somatosensory neurons before the cortex
csf lies between the arachnoid and
muscles of mastication
change in personality, perseveration, what cortical area
neurotransmitter from the striatum to the gpi
foramen through which the mandibular nerve enters skull
ballism- where is the lesion
memory area of hypothalamus
cns cells that originate from mesoderm and migrate into the brain
disturbance of balance and gait, where is the lesion
what stains myelin
dentate nucleus signals to the ___ and what part of thalamus
ascending tract carrying touch from ipsilateral leg
lesions of which part of the hypothalamus produce hyperphagia
only cranial nerve that exits dorsally
foramen through which the maxillary nerve enters skull
nuclei in indirect path
receptor for ltp in the hippocapmus
Right lower limb stretch reflex: afferents
OVLT relays to which hypothalamic nucleus
which nucleus has receptors for glucose and free fatty acids
nucleus linked to sexual dimorphism in the hypothalamus
what connects the mammillary bodies to the anterior thalamus
afferents of the monosynaptic stretch reflex have cell bodies in the
which cells are in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus
release of vasopressin
cortical gyrus receiving from the anterior thalamus
magnocellular layers in lgn
cranial nerves for taste
transmitter for pupil constriction
light converges before the retina in
second messenger in the retina
axons from which nucleus synapse onto purkynje cells
tract linking the brainstem, hypothalamus and septal region
which cells form a glial scar
spinalcord site of enkephalins modifying pain
nucleus projecting climbing fibres to the cerebellum
what links the hippocampi
what cells do climbing fibres input to
nucleus providing parasympathetic innervation to hear
5HT 1a receptor agonist
semicircular canals detect
hunger centre:which hypothalamic nucleus
intergrates auditory visual and somatosensation
subcortical descending tract for extensors (antigravity)
red nucleus gives rise to what tract
what is impaired first by syringomyelia
Right lower limb stretch reflex: efferent neuron
Release from which fibres in the cerebellum leads to a simple spinke
name 4 schizophrenia drugs
first nucleus with input from both ears
what receptor do barbituates bind to and what do they inhibit
primary olfactory cortex

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