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Evasion of host defence: Survives in macrophages by preventing phagosome fusion with lysosome
What is a common consequence of DVT?
Gram negative rod, grows on MacConkeys agar, doesn't ferment lactose, is a major cause of dysentry and has no animal reservoir
Evasion of host defence: Bacteria that can degrade penicillin, antiphagocytic pili
A tumour that affects retinal cells in children, bilateral, can have genetic component
Apart from Tb, which other disease leads to coughing up blood?simple name
In which 2 human cells does Plasmodium replicate?proper names
Gram-ve diplococcus found on oropharyngeal membranes grows with adjacent sides flattened?
Gram positive obligate anaerobe that forms spores?
Malignant tumour of melanocytes
Staphylococcal gastro-enteritis- transmission
Outer membrane protein regulating access of small molecules to bacteria
Most likely sites of metastasis for breast tumour:x4
X linked condition characterised by lack of mature b cells
Which deletion on 22q.11.2 causes no antibody or cell mediated response, no graft rejection, hypersensitivity
Which immunoglobulin is commonly found as a pentamer?Shorthand
HIV protein mediating fusion with T cells
Which complement component polymerises to make pores in cell membranes?
Site at which most CD4 T cells enter lymph node
Most likely sites of metastasis for pancreatic tumour:x2
Most likely sites of metastasis for colorectal tumour:x2
Which antibody class makes up the majority of immunoglobulin in plasma?
MHC-II is found in which 4 cells?, suffix cells
4 proteins that protect against complement:
Evasion of host defence: Bacteria that hides in neurons that have low levels of MHC expression
Which virus apart from HIV uses reverse transcriptase?
Aminoglycoside that prevents tRNA binding to the 30s ribosomal subunit, may be pumped out of cell, inactivated or the host may protect ribosomes
Which gene encodes HIV's reverse transcriptase?
Which enzyme degrades fibrin in the clotting cascade?
What type are pre-existing blood group antibodies?
Measles vaccine:
Baltimore classification: PoliovirusNumeral then name of group
Cystitis caused by E. coli- transmission:
Baltimore classification: Influenza
Which virus is linked to hepatocellular carcinoma
Virus linked to Burkitt's lymphoma
Baltimore classification: EBVNumeral then name of group
Cancer terminology: Reduced adhesion of other cells in tumour, collagenase secretion, breaking through basement membrane
Cancer terminology: De-differentiation
Group B blood type has an extra molecule of which sugar?
Cause of candidiasis?
Whip like protein essential for locomotion.
Gram positive coccus growing in long chains, producing beta haemolysis, often the cause of pharyngitis
Gram-, grows on MacConkey's, fements lactose, ferments indole?
Environmental cause of malignant melanoma?shorthand
Cancer terminology:Can grow in suspension, independent of serum, becoming immortal
Phospholipid responsible for LPS toxicity
Cancer terminology: Requires EMT, breaks away and becomes systemic
2 most likely sites of colon cancer metastasis,
Which cell population produces IL-4
Cancer terminology: Varied cell shape, size, staining and nuclei
Which blood type can a group O individual receive?
CD21 is a marker for:
Evasion of host defence: M protein binds to Fc region of IgG/IgA to prevent complement activation. Hyaluronic capsule that is anti-phagocytic
Which is the most likely site for prostate cancer metastasis?
Which cells are vulnerable to HIV infection?use proper labelling
What do the influenza drugs amantadine and rimantadine block?
The B cell co-receptor comprises:x3, no -
Cytokine that activates endothelium, lymphocytes, local effector cells, and causes fever when systemic.shorthand
2 categories of antibiotic that bind the 30s ribosome:
2 main components of a venous thrombosis:
Polymer of glycerol/inositol phosphate found in gram positive cell walls
Virus that only shows symptoms in 10-15%, nonspecific flu like plus some jaundice and hepatomegaly
Gram negative diplococcus found in the nasopharnyx of approx. 10% of the population
First class of antibody to be secreted:
Aids is defined as a CD4 count below ?ul/L
Group of antibiotics that binds to the D-Ala-D-Ala site and inhibits peptidoglycan crosslinking, but is not degraded by beta lactamase?
Enzymes that determine blood groupPlural, no spaces
Gram-, grows on MacConkey's, fements lactose, can't ferment indole?From soil, nitrogen fermenter
Lobar pneumonia caused by S. pneumoniae- transmisison:
Which dye stains amyloid?
Most likely sites of metastasis for gastric tumour:x3
Which receptor forms part of the TCR essential for antigen recognition?
Baltimore classification: Hep BNumeral then name of group
Toll like receptor 4 recognises:
Gram positive obligate anaerobe that can form spores and produce neurotoxin leading to spastic paralysis
Which cytokines signal viral infection of a cell?
Macrolide antibiotic that binds the 50s ribosomal subunit?
Gram positive rod producing a neurotoxin that blocks the release of inhibitory mediators at spinal synapses
Gram-, doesn't ferment lactose, H2S, no animal reservoir, may establish chronic carrier state:
Baltimore classification: HIVNumeral then name of group
Protein filament facilitating attachment during bacterial cell conjugationsingular
Disease caused by virus that enters the cell, shuts down host protein synthesis, positive single stranded rna genome
Evasion of host defence: Using protein A to bind the Fc portion of IgG, no c3b produced
Agammaglobulinaemia is a deficiency of what enzyme and which product?
IgA in the bronchi provides strain specific immunity against:
Most likely sites of metastasis for non small cell lung tumour:x4
Which method is used to stain acid fast bacteria, what colour are they?
3 contributions to bladder cancer risk:
A thick polysaccharide layer inhibiting phagocytosis
Group A blood type has an extra molecule of which sugar?use -
Lipid found in high concentrations in the wall of acid fast bacteria
Tetanus transmission
Polymer of n-acetylmuramic acid & n-acetylglucosamine linked by short pepties
Outcome of a kidney transplant to an individual with anti-blood group antibodies
Most likely sites of metastasis for prostate tumour:x1
Transmission of rabies:
Cancer caused by asbestos exposure:

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