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Can you name the The Psychosocial Stages of Development as according to Erik Erikson?

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A feeling of confidence in basic and professional skills.Belief in one's self. Lack of pride in abilities, and will develop a doubtful nature when dealing with their own personal success.
Will obtain an optomistic outlook on the future generation, and feel like a productive member of society. Will feel uninvolved with the world, useless, and unproductive.
Develops a sense of security in the world. Confidence in one's own safety, and a sufficient level of comfort.Believes the world is inconsistent and unpredictable, lack of faith and trust in other people.
Will have a strong sense of self, and healthy level of control. Independent. Will be insecure, and unsure about their beliefs.Confusion.
Person will be able to reminisce about life and feel satisfied and accomplished. Very few regrets.Will become bitter about past events in life, or lack there of. Pessimistic outlook.
Develops leadership skills and will feel capable of progression. Person becomes full of guilt, passive, and lacks motivation for improvement.
Person will feel secure in their own self, and understand that the general functions of the body are acceptable and healthy.Will feel inadequate, and easily embarrased by many things that do not warrant embarrassment.
Healthy, secure relationships are developed.Will constantly form weak relationships that will frequently result in lonliness or hostility.

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