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What is the most dangerous form of skin cancer?
Which system contains the kidneys, uterers, and the urethra?
What is associated with the rule of 9s?
What are the first 7 vertebrae called?
Fill in the blank: The stomach is ______ to the small intestine.
What kind of hair does a fetus have all over its body?
Oribital refers to what part of the body?
Which type of muscle tissue has more than one nuclei?
Whenever the body needs more calcium in the blood, it releases _________.
What fiber makes bones so flexible?
What kind of skin does hair not grow in?
Which type of gland secretes products through exocytosis?
What is the top most layer of the epidermis?
What is the top layer of the dermis?
When the body gets to cold, do blood vessels constrict or dialate?
What is a grouping of muscle fibers called?
What is the proper term for earwax?
What is the proper term for the shaft portion of a long bone?
What is the anatomical direction term for back-side?
Where does the nervous system communicate with a muscle fiber?
What is the white part of the nail (at the origin) called?
Where would you find transitional epithelium?
Is cartilage vascular or avascular?
The hip is what kind of diarthrotic joint?
Tendons connect bone to ________.
What is the true name for skin cells?
True or False: The hypodermis is a layer of the skin.
The ability to recieve and respond to stimuli in the muscles is called what?
What is the arrector pilli muscle associated with?
What is yellow marrow made of?

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