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Can you name the eyes that belong to people in the Gazzola family?

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Forced Order
 photo nan.jpg  photo bella.jpg  photo chip.jpg  photo 405316_2945989854654_1921499921_n.jpg  photo milo.jpg  photo Kim.jpg  photo Gabe.jpg  photo tom.jpg  photo Jenny.jpg  photo clark.jpg  photo nani2.jpg  photo andy.jpg  photo Linda.jpg  photo Patti1.jpg  photo Enzo.jpg  photo SamG.jpg  photo Peg.jpg  photo Kristen.jpg  photo Gulia.jpg  photo Patti.jpg  photo Pat.jpg  photo Comer.jpg  photo lynn.jpg  photo Alica-1.jpg  photo Nico.jpg  photo David.jpg http://s1231.photobucket.com/user/lizgazzola2/media/Mia.jpg.html?sort=3&o=28 http://s1231.photobucket.com/user/lizgazzola2/media/Chris.jpg.html?sort=3&o=29  photo Mia.jpg
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AnswerHappy birthday dad!
AnswerHappy birthday dad!
AnswerHappy birthday dad!
AnswerHappy birthday dad!

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