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QuoteMissing WordsChapter and Context
' a ______ _____'16, about Heathcliff, animalistic
'as dark almost as if it came from the _____'4, about Heathcliff
'the clouded windows of hell _______'17, about Heathcliff's eyes
'a range of gaunt ______'1, about Wuthering Heights' setting
'it would _______ me'9, Cathy 1 says this, sense of social ambition
'voice as _____ as a silver bell'32, about Catherine 2
'________ her faded hieroglyphics' 3, Lockwood about Cathy's diary
'______ did not seem to be my home'9, Cathy 1 talking about a dream
'will you ____ her?'15, Nelly to Heathcliff
'heaven would be a land of _____ to her'15, about Cathy 1
'honeysuckles _________ the thorn'10, about Cathy with Heathcliff
'intense ______ of nightmare'3, Lockwood about his dream
'we will see if one tree won't grow as _______ as another'17, Heathcliff about Hareton
'________ woman of the neighbourhood'9, Cathy 1 says this, social ambition
'ghost of my ________ love'33, Heathcliff about Hareton
'_________ with ghosts and goblins'3, Lockwood says this
'think o' yer _____!'3, Joseph says this the Cathy and Heathcliff, made comical by the accent
'foamed like a ___ ___'15, about Heathcliff, animalistic
'________ collection of memoranda'33, Heathcliff says this, haunted by Cathy
'he'd be quite capable of marrying your fortune and expectations: _______ is growing with him a besetting sin.' 10, Cathy to Isabella
QuoteMissing WordsChapter and Context
'it is for God to punish _____ people'7, Nelly says this, moralising
'I cannot live without my ____, I cannot live without my soul'16, Heathcliff says this, sense of Cathy and Heathcliff being two halves of a whole
'I care nothing for your _________'15, Cathy says this to Heathcliff
'blood ran down and _______ the bedclothes' 3, in Lockwood's dream, connotations of sexual violence
'painting the __________ with Hindley's blood'6, Heathcliff desires this
'the wall is so low that _____... climbed over it'16, about where Cathy is buried, pun with Heathcliff and sense of broken boundaries
'parted lips and _____ white teeth'34, about Heathcliff in death, demonic
'th' divil's ______ ___ his soul'34, Joseph says this about Heathcliff
'____ fire... subdued'10, about Heathcliff
'both pleasure and pain in ________ _______'34, Nelly sees this in Heathcliff
'the thing that irks me most is this ________ _____'15, Cathy 1 says this, relates to 'oak in a flowerpot' image - Cathy's spirit is uneasily confined within her body hence the haunting
'______, like the devil'29, Heathcliff says this about himself
'the kitchen is forced to ______'1, about Wuthering Heights, defensive/military language
'each ______ and tottered on the threshold' 31, about learning to read
'I'm of the ____ world'25, Lockwood says this
'he's more _____ than I am'9, Cathy says this about Heathcliff
'half-civilised ______'10, about Heathcliff
'By God! she's _______! Oh, damn it!'34, Heathcliff about Cathy, blasphemy
'grotesque _______'1, about Wuthering Heights, gothic architecture
'My love for Heathcliff resembles the _______ _____ beneath'9, Cathy says this, natural imagery (contrasts with love for Edgar as 'foliage')

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