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QuoteMissing WordsContext
'upon the peple I _____ / As dooth a dowve'Pardoner talking about his sermons, comical Holy Saint image
'Thus spitte I out my ______ under hewe / Of hoolynesse'Pardoner talking about his sermons, contradictory evil snake allusion
'O wombe! O bely! O ________ ____!'Pardoner using apostrophe in his sermon
'O cursed sinne of alle ______________!'Pardoner using repetition
'that of his throte he maketh his _______'Pardoner vulgarising drunkenness/drinking
'________, _________'Pardoner using onomatopoeia whilst referencing a biblical hero
'_______ wey'Labyrinthine path the Old Man leads the 3 down
'ful _______ man'Pardoner admits that he is a hypocritical...
'corrupt was al this world for _______!'Pardoner lamenting Adam and Eve's fall
'develes ______'Pardoner's description of the tavern the 3 visit
QuoteMissing WordsContext
'Thus walke I, lyk a ______ kaityf'Old Man says this (kaityf means 'wretch')
'Lo, how I vanisshe, flesh and blood and ____'Old Man says this gruesome and grisly description of himself
'___ be with yow'Old Man's blessing on the 3
'entente is nat but for to _____'Pardoner reveals his avarice
'privee _____ man clepeth Deeth'Personification of Death, macabre
'_____ goon a-blackberied'Pardoner reveals his apathy for the congregation's fate
'Radix malorum est ________'Repeated moral - 'Love of money is the root of all evil'
'I wol have moneie, wolle, chese, and whete / Al were it yeven of the _________ page'Pardoner reveals his callous greed
'luxurie is in wyn and __________'Pardoner uses 'Looth' as an ensample of this
'they shul be shrined in an ______ toord'Hoost talking about what he wished to do with the Pardoner's 'coillons', very vulgar

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