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QuoteMissing WordsChapter and Context
'I wandered like an ____ _______'9, Victor says this
'dark _________ clouded every thought'10, Victor says this
'a sudden _____ broke in upon me'4, Victor says this, nod to the enlightenment
'silken _____'1, Victor says this, umbilical connotations
'______ and magnificent scenes'10, Victor says this
'desert mountains and ______ glaciers are my refuge'10, the Monster says this
'my ___ Elizabeth'6, Victor says this, patriarchal
'_____ howlings'16, the Monster says this
'happy and glad....tears and ___________'7, Alphonse says this in a letter, microcosm of the story
'sweet _______ blue eyes'6, about William
'I ought to be thy _____, but I am rather the fallen angel'10, the Monster says this to Victor, quote from Paradise Lost
'cursed, cursed _______!'16, the Monster says this, alliteration
'we rest; a dream has power to _____ sleep'10, intertextuality with a poem by Percy Shelley
'his face was wrinkled into contortions too _______ for human eyes'17, Victor about the Monster
'_____-worms crawling'5, a vision from Victor's nightmare, dark subconscious desires
'I could feel the blood ________ in my veins'23, Victor says this, protracted time
'alone, ________ alone'10, the Monster says this about himself
'deep, dark, _________ solitude'9, Victor's 'only consolation', sounds like he desires to be buried
'like a wild ______'16, the Monster says this about himself, animalistic
'_____ boundary between life and death'8, Victor talks of Justine passing this
'_______ the secrets of nature'2, Victor desires to do this
'_________ of the human body'4, Victor observes this
'my workshop of ______ creation'4, Victor says this, womblike description
QuoteMissing WordsChapter and Context
'raising of ghosts or _____'2, something Victor was interested by
'howl of ________ despair and revenge'20, about the Monster
'the first hapless victims to my unhallowed _____'8, Victor talking about William and Justine
'animated by the most supernatural __________'4, Victor about his creation task
'I the only unquiet thing that wandered restless in a scene so beautiful and ________'9, Victor about his sublime wanderings
'______ skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries'5, Victor about the Monster
'lost in darkness and ________'24, Walton's final letter describing the Monster's escape
'and do you not feel you blood ______ with horror?'24, Walton's first letter, reference to Shelley's introduction
'I, a miserable wretch, _______ by a curse'18, Victor says this about himself
'I am a ______ tree'19, Victor says this about himself, reference to his sight as a child of lightning
'expressive eyes of Henry, _________ in death'21, an image that haunts Victor
'breathless _______ and disgust filled my heart'5, Victor says this
'horrors of my _______ toil'4, Victor says this
'I was seized by remorse and a sense of guilt, which hurried me away to a hell of intense ________'9, Victor says this
'solemn silence of this glorious presence chamber of ________ nature'10, Victor says this, sense of the 'sublime'
'my own _______, my own spirit let loose from the grave'7, Victor about the Monster
'men appear to me as _________ thirsting for each other's blood'9, Elizabeth says this
'how dare you sport thus with ___?'20, Monster says this to Victor
'spirits of the dead ________ round'24, Victor's hallucinations
'as belonging to another _____'9, Victor says this about the Alps
'tortured the living animal to animate the lifeless ____'4, Victor says this, reference to Prometheus
'_____ with the hue of death'5, vision from Victor's nightmare

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