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Coastal city in northwestern Algeria
When they last met in 2015, the Algerian soccer team beat this country's team 4-1
____ Belhouchet, Algerian investigative journalist
Variation of the above's name
Popular male given name in Algeria
Valley, gully, or streambed that remains dry except in the rainy season, common in Algeria
____-Souf Region
Houari Boumédiène, the then President of Algeria, did this on 27th December 1978.
Location: Aouinet-el-____
Location: Hassi ed ____
Algerian surname
Banque Industrielle de l'Afrique du Nord
Chabet el ____, a valley in western Algeria, 7.5km southeast of Rabelais
El ____, an area of Algeria near El Goreïra and Douar Lagnafd
The climate of Algeria's coastal regions is a ____ Mediterranean climate
Algerian region
El ____, town in the above region
Bordering country
Algerian film director Narimane ____
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Algerian author Boualem Sansal won this prize in 2001
As a result of the Civil War, the 1990s were known as the ____ decade.
In January 1982 the then British prime minister's son ____ went missing in Algeria.
Third month of the year in the unofficial lingua franca of Algeria
In 2012, new laws caused these businesses to close
Ethnic Algerians: Ber____
Algerian-born philosopher and author, Al____ Camus
Main source of sugar in Algeria
Algeria imports 55,000 to 65,000 tons of this annually
Feature found off the coast of Western Orania

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